Poor Appetite in Babies: Symptoms, Reasons and Solutions

Loses of appetite? Picky eater? Refused to eat? Parents will definitely become worried when having a child with such problems. It is a common symptom of losing of appetite in children and is frequently linked with acute illness. However, it could also be due to other reasons. Child’s appetite is different from each other depending on their growth. Below are the symptoms, reasons and solution that might be useful for parents.


Symptoms Poor of Appetite In Babies:
– Refuse to eat favorite foods
– Vomiting
– Irritation
– Coughing
– Drooling


Reasons Poor of Appetite in Babies:

1. Teething
Swollen gums, resulting in oversensitive teeth
• Often start teething between the 4 to 7 months
• Give something to chew on or feed babies with cold foods such as yogurt
• Breastfeed and bottle feeding can increase the pain
• Resolved in two weeks

2. Growth
• Peak up to the age of 6 months. From 6-12 months, this process slows down. It reduces more between 12 to 18 months of age
• Calorie requirement of the body reduced
• Avoid forcing them to eat
• Refer doctor for further nutritional intake

3. Hot weather
• Lose appetite because of overheating
• Cranky and sweaty condition
• Give them comfortable clothes
• Give a lukewarm water
• Make sure they are in a breezy, shady, and cool area

4. Infections
• Viral and bacterial infections
• Fever, flu and cough infection
• Pain and rapid breathing can be caused by ear infections and bronchitis
• Avoid pacifiers as it increases ear infection almost 33%

5. Type of foods
• Introducing solid foods take times to adjust
• Allergic with certain foods
• Iron deficiency


Solutions to Poor Appetite in Babies
• Adjust the mealtime according to the child’s time when hungry.
• Educate them on how to choose healthier foods.
• Prepare small meals at regular intervals.
• Boost zinc level
• Give snacks between meals


Poor appetite among babies and toddlers is normal during the growth process. You don’t need to worry if it happens for just a couple of days. However, appropriate medical treatment should be sought if it continues for a long period.

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