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'Homemade' Porridge for Baby

The desire of a mother to provide healthy food for her children eventually leads to the creation of the GROOMY brand. She is motivated to market her ‘homemade’ baby food to ensure that all the babies can grow up healthily by enjoying an organic and nutritious meal that can be prepared just within a few minutes.

Let's Get to Know Our Lady CEO

Puan Jazneeda Jamil, the CEO of MummyRQ Sdn Bhd and the creator of the halal certified organic baby food brand, Groomy. From selflessly taking care of her babies while managing her business, to taking care of herself to ensure she maximizes her optimal potential, she now looking forward to expand her markets to an international scale.

MummyRQ Records Sales of RM100,000 per month

Using her own savings of only RM25.90, Puan Jazneeda Jamil started an online baby foods business from home. Due to the positive reactions and increasing demands from her customers, she eventually moved her business to Kedah Halal Park to increase production capacity and fulfill market demands.

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