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The Groomy brand story is an inspiring journey of a mother’s profound love for providing the utmost quality, free from any harmful chemicals and additives foods to her little one. It all began in the small kitchen of Kota Damansara, Malaysia in 2015 when a first time mom named Jazneeda Jamil had a vision to create halal organic baby food and easing the meal preparation for the modern parents.

During her childhood, Jazneeda Jamil grew up as the third generation of Malaysian government resettlement program of rural poor into newly developed areas called The Federal Land Development Authority or FELDA in northern Malaysia, Kedah. She experienced the challenges faced by her family and the community in providing healthy, well balanced and affordable foods on the table for their kids.

Inspired by this, she decided to break the chains by providing healthy and organic foods to her own baby and sharing all the recipes she made to her online page followers. Not long after her second baby started to eat solid foods the idea to offers baby food to the masses crossed her mind. It was around August 2015, Jazneeda set out to processed and sold her homemade baby food from her tiny kitchen to her followers.

By December 2015, as the demands for her baby foods increased, Jazneeda and her husband decided to moved their family to a bigger homemade space near her home town in Sungai Petani, Kedah. She named her company MummyRQ, signified the mother to all of her childrens whom shared the same initials – Rio Qaiser, Rumi Qays, Ria Quwwa & Rafa Qausar.

From the beginning, Jazneeda Jamil believed in well balanced nutrient & health-consciousness. These principles became the foundation of the MummyRQ core principles to produce healthier nutrient for babies with no added sugar, no added salt, no preservatives and no coloring. Jazneeda explore deeper into manufacturing know-how through courses, coaching and mentoring programs and manifest her new-found knowledge into a brave action plan. In June 2017 MummyRQ stepped into an industrial premise in Kedah Halal Park.

Exactly on 31st August, 2018, MummyRQ launched Groomy, its first Halal and MeSTI certified baby food brand which enable modern parents to provide fast and tasty organic meals at a fraction of the going time for their babies. It’s high-quality and hassle-free uniqueness paved the way for Groomy’s expansion into new regional markets.

As the brand grew, Groomy embraced ‘back to the roots’ philosophy that emphasized sustainability, baby food act compliance and Halalan Toyyiban principles. Groomy innovates with talented Food Technologist, Food Scientist and Product Designer to formulate the better nutrients and easement innovation that met the needs of the modern parents. This approach resonated with customers who were drawn to Groomy combination of trust, principles and standard.

Groomy has continuously sought ways towards Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations to produce for Good Health and Well Being and practizing Responsible Consumption & Production. The progress are on going from less-processed foods, to responsibly sourced grains, vegetables, seafoods and meats and aiming for blockchain technology solution. Groomy has strived to be a leader in sustainability within the baby food industry.

Over the years, Groomy has grew up together with thousands of babies all over Malaysia. To accompany a healthy food journey from a baby to a healthy kid, Groomy has extended its products to baby and kids foods brand by introducing the hits products such as Kids Organic Soy Sauce, Kids Ketchup, Kid’s Pancake Mix, Instant Mees and Snack. It’s R&D division continuously formulating the ultimate healthier recipes to nourish the early years of the future generations.

Groomy has sets a clear vision to be the most trusted Halal Organic baby and kids food brand in the region and beyond. Recently in February 2023, Groomy evolved with the launching of it’s flagship store – The Little Humans, a baby cafe at Kota Damansara, Selangor which is where Jazneeda Jamil started this humble journey few years back.

Groomy excites the little one’s sensory adventures. Let the baby and children joyfully explore the delightful organic goodness through smelling, touching, and tasting. Made with love and guarded by trust, empowering parents to nurture and Mothering The Little Humans.

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