How to Teach Problem Solving to Kids

Teaching our children begins the minute we decide to let our infants locate the pacifier that fell just inches from their fingertips (rather than picking it up ourselves) and continues until the day we say, “No, that college application is your responsibility, do you want to go or not?”. Here are five strategies and tips to teach problem-solving abilities to your kids:-

Encourage Imaginative Play
Do you remember wooden blocks? How about making a fort out of scrap materials? Children of all ages learn best when they are engaged in play. Make sure their play is challenging and requires imagination.

Include A Few Roadblocks In Their Learning Experience
The difficulty should be manageable, and there should be a viable solution. The better informed they are, the better their decisions will be.

Include A Variety Of Solution Options
Make it easier to make decisions. Continue the momentum by ensuring that your children do not habitually avoid making difficult decisions because you provide a non-negotiable default solution.

Make Critical Thinking A Fun Part of Your Culture
Make overcoming obstacles enjoyable by adopting a positive attitude in the same way that your family does business.

Teach Them How To Solve Basic Problems
To begin, pinpoint the issue. Separate the problem into manageable parts so that each task does not seem unmanageable for them.

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