GROOMY presents thoughtfully curated Halal Organic nutrition for your little ones.


Every ingredient is sustainably handpicked and traceable to its pristine source.


GROOMY offers a delightful range of options to suit every stage of your children’s development.

Best Seller

With a wide selection of over 30 options and counting, GROOMY is here to provide parents with a convenient and healthy solution. 

Tasty & Healthy

Easement and hassle-free solution for parents. We’ve got you covered with organic + natural, instant & ready to eat real food as close to homemade as it gets.

Why Mom's Love Us

“GROOMY jadi penyelamat Mommy apabila travel dan cara penyediaannya yang cepat & mudah”
Pn Nordiana Fareza
“GROOMY membantu ibu yang berkerjaya untuk mempercepatkan penyediaan makanan bayi”
Pn Aisyah Noor
"Saya gunakan produk GROOMY dalam masakan, alhamdulillah anak saya jadi berselera untuk makan"
Pn Noor Haniza

Premium & Fresh

We lock in the nutrients, taste and texture of farm fresh organic ingredients in safely sealed packaging so they’re extra safe for your little ones.

Pa&Ma Brand Choices for Organic, Halal & Healthy Baby Food

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